Helping to Prepare People for Tomorrow

BRITE contributes to developing individuals who are looking for personal and professional development; we work with both people and companies to assist with learning, development, and consultancy.

Robert Mitton founded BRITE from being involved with training and development throughout his career in the travel and educational industry to growing his own business. There is a strong passion for leadership and organisational culture in the theories which BRITE applies, this is reflected in Robert’s book “How to Build a Community in Your Business” which title is due to published in Spring 2018 by Motivational Press. Our newest training team member, Panos comes from organisational psychology and retail management and training background.

BRITE delivers workshops globally and has also helped UK companies with training through apprenticeship programmes.

A Social Misson

BRITE has an active social mission to help young entrepreneurs start out with our BRITEPRENEURS programme which helps young people to develop business plans and understand the fundamentals of business management.


To let people think differently
To develop participants to grow within business
To demonstrate how business can benefit communities

FullSizeRender 18
BRITE commits itself to charity work, spending time promoting diversity in high schools








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