Business Evospire Workshop

Robert has designed business Evospire; it’s about understanding how to evolve and inspire which helps to develop your business knowledge. The workshop is delivered through seminar and activities and is designed to guide you through four push mechanisms which will make yourself or your business stronger


The four different push mechanisms which will be taught include:

Creativity in Business 


Strategic Thinking

Brand and Business



The workshop is insightful with good examples, Robert is very engaging and willing to adapt to request. I  learnt a lot from him. Thank You! –  Luke, London Workshop

Each push mechanism is designed to work side by side and once all four learning elements are taught, it creates Business Evospire. The course is practical with some academic elements and many of Robert’s own theories introduced which helps to develop more innovation.

What is Business Evospire? 


The workshop also gives you access to a global community, when you join you will be taking part in an online community learning project where you can connect with other people who have joined us on the Evospire journey across the world. This will give you access to regular online chats, mentoring and networking at no additional charge.

Business Evospire workshops are a structured 2-day workshop. The course can also be developed through evening workshops.